Algae sector

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Emergence of a new economic sector

How is an economy organized?

Definition: an area of industry in which businesses focus on the same or related products and services.

See the image to know how the algae economy is organized:

What is the role of Breizh Algae Invest in this economy?

Breizh Algae Invest has three main missions across the economy:

Ensuring a supply of raw materials. We are investing in algae-collection equipment, while working to boost economic developing by obtaining a public-service concession. Algae farming could be an option in the future.
Helping algae companies with marketing and sales solutions. We want to market the Breizh Algae brand to promote the region and boost sales of algae-based products.
Sustaining research and innovation thanks to algae. We need to discover every opportunity algae-based molecules can provide to our markets.

What is Breizh Algae Invest’s business model?

Algae companies have two main ways to make profits:

  • Selling algae (collected or farmed) to other companies
  • Managing the brand of this new economy to ensure both the origin and quality of products

Focus on one stakeholder of this new economy: Thomsea

This company was created in 2003 by Thierry Thomazeau in Saint-Hilaire-de-Riez (Vendée department). Initially, it was specialized in anti-pollution activities, producing special nets, especially to clean up oil spills.

Now part of Breizh Algae Invest, Thomsea brings its maritime skills (in shipbuilding for example) to the project.

Being highly involved in the local community, Thomsea is leading our activities in the Vendée department. We need to build local cooperation, especially given the tremendous amount of red algae growing in this area.