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Respecting the environment through sustainable development


Environmental aspects


Algae are an endlessly renewable natural resource. Covering 70 percent of the Earth’s suface, the sea is the world’s largest potential farming area!
Molecules offer a natural alternative to classical chemistry (plastics, antibiotics, etc.).
This economy exploits what was once considered waste by public authorities.

Economic aspects


Breizh Algae Invest supports smart ecology, proposing economic solutions to key issues.
This economy offers profitable, competitive alternatives to previous models.
The markets we reach are colossal and viable investments for companies.

Social aspects


We promote widescale economic change:

  • Modernizing traditional sectors with innovative programs (shipbuilding, breeding, etc.).
  • Compared with declining sectors (e.g., fishing), the algae industry is creating new activities (e.g., collecting algae).
  • The new jobs created are mostly skilled and difficult to relocate from the region.