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Promoting algae, an exceptional raw material

Why is the west of France the best place to launch this new economy?

First of all, companies use three different kind of algae: green, red and brown.

Western France offers Europe’s most diverse range of algae species, with more than 800 in Roscoff alone!

Our region shares a long and intense history with algae, with research dating back as far as the late 19th century.

The skills and infrastructure required for industrializing algae are already available.

What is algae’s potential in terms of research?

  • Algae are remarkable ancient plants. The molecules contained in algae have specific properties that can be used at different levels.
  • Innovation allows companies to fully exploit this potential.

The food industry: one of the sectors changing thanks to algae

The impact of innovation is felt at several levels:

  1. Agriculture: the new molecules allow farmers to keep animals healthy without using antibiotics.
  2. Industry:
  • Producing natural premixes (flours, gelling agents, etc.)
  • Adding new flavors to complex products